Saturday, November 9, 2013

Book Peeves! Little things about books that annoy me.

We all have pet peeves! Some of them are about how their good is served, if the light stays on or off, or even how the toilet paper should hang (which is over, not under). There are also little things that really peeve me when it comes to books, and I'm sure some of you will agree with me, so here is a list of book peeves.

1. Sequel covers that don't match the first book.

Don't you just hate it when you buy the first book to a series when it comes out, but when the second book is released, so are a new set of covers? I understand that, most of the time, the covers improve, but it is still annoying nonetheless because when you take Instagram photos of your books, they don't match! I swear, you should be able to send in the older version of the book to the publisher and receive the updated cover in return. 
I love James Patterson to death, don't get me wrong! His books are amazing and I stand in awe of his pure genius and his ability to write so many books and one time while keeping his sanity! But he is NOTORIOUS for changing his covers all the time. There must be thousands of different versions of his Maximum Ride series (which I love)! 
In some cases I am glad that they changed the cover (i.e. Delirium, Legend, Lightning Thief...) because the rest of the series then stuck with that special format, but in most cases, STOP CHANGING THE COVERS!

2. Undressed books with nothing to show.

When I purchase or receive a hardcover book, the very first thing I do is undress it! (Remove the sleeve) Most of the time I will find soem clever little impression of something on the book itself, which pleases me very much!
The Insignia trilogy, the Divergent trilogy, and the Lorien Legacies series all have little surprises behind their sleeves! WELL DONE!
But then you have the books that have absolutely NOTHING behind the sleeve but a smooth front. I still like the books, but this annoys me, I must admit.

See, you have no idea what these books could be by just looking on the front. They are all plain, and this disappoints me. 

3. Paperback books that should be hardback.

I love long books! I like the detail and the long story that just consumes me for days. What I don't like is when someone publishes a long book in paperback, and since I am desperate, I buy it immediately and regret it when the hardback is released. 
 These books are so thick and have such thin covers, that I'm gonna have to buy hardcovers in a little while, because they are going to fall apart! Again, I LOVE these books, but they each have something that peeves me.

4. The first chapters of the next book at the end.

I have no example pictures for these because I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. It may not bother anyone else, but it drives me nuts when they have the first chapters of the next book in  the series you're reading at the end of the first book. AGGHHHH! 
This is not a flaw, this is a torture device and works of pure evil! 

5. Crammed pages with small font.

When a book has pages that have a minuscule font and words filling up all the margins, it simply turns me off immediately. Thankfully, I have only encountered this annoyance with school books on the reading list. 
It's okay to make it longer! You don't have to fill every little space with words. Readers need room for our eyes to wander, room to breathe! (Sounds weird, but it's true!)

There are MANY other peeves you can come up with, but these are the top 5 things about books that peeve me. Authors, take notes! But remember, just because your book may fall into one of these categories, it has nothing to do with your brilliant story between the pages. Just keep these things in mind when you're designing your books! ;)

And now I shall present the winner of the Perfect Book contest.
Drumroll please! 
*beats floor rapidly*






FIND ME by Romily Bernard!
This book has everything a reader wants, and nothing that one doesn't want!
It has a breath-taking cover, it has a surprise behind the sleeve, it doesn't have a snippet of the sequel in the back, and it doesn't have crammed pages! 



  1. Ughhhh I have the original SHATTER ME cover and it is SO not like the rest (as I'm sure you know) and it drives me nuts but I'm like... why buy the other version when I can get a book I haven't read yet instead? (But yeah... TOTALLY different than the rest of the series!) When I finally get the better version I am SO shouting it from the rooftops! LOL (And now I *must* read FIND ME! So good job there! ;D )

    1. The exact same thing happened to me! I too had the original Shatter Me book cover. For the longest time I didn't buy the new one until I saw it at Walmart in paperback for $6 and I caved... The struggle is so real! Haha!