Monday, October 7, 2013

Dream Cast for CINDER!

Marissa Meyer is definitely one of my top ten favorite authors, I had to think really hard and make sure I get everything right. Hopefully, she shares similar ideas for the cast list for Cinder!

I had a lot of fun thinking of actors that would fit the characters in UNBREATHABLE, so I couldn't stop there! My dream cast for Cinder took me a long time to put together. It required A LOT of careful thought! So this is who I think of when I read Cinder.
After hours of careful thought, I have concluded that Saoirse Ronan would be the best Cinder! Her kind, humble, innocent look would portray Cinder's strong character very nicely! I have have never been disappointed with her acting skills!
This was an automatic response from my brain as soon as I thought of Prince Kai! Godfrey Gao was an absolutely amazing Magnus Bane in Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones! Plus, he is actually Asian! It's been bothering me that most people have been casting him with their favorite actors. Godfrey would certainly be my first choice for this charismatic role.
Iko is one of the sweetest, most innocent little characters that I've ever read about before. I loved her from the start! Though she is an android, she is a happy little thing that makes me smile. That is why I have chosen Annasofia Robb as my dream cast for Iko! Her style of acting would be PERFECT for her! I'm mostly referring to her extraordinary role as Leslie Burke in Bridge to Terabithia. If you've seen it, you will understand!
Charlise Theron is one of my favorite actresses! She is always perfect in every role she plays! Though she has a diverse character history, I believe she was born to be an evil queen! Don't take that in the wrong way! When I saw Snow White and the Huntsman, Queen Levana was the first person I thought of! Her captivating yet fierce beauty would portray the Lunar Queen perfectly!
Adri is my least favorite character in the book because she always has something condescending and down right mean to say to Cinder. So I chose an actress who could pull of the arrogant stepmother, Kate Winslet. She just has the perfect look an attitude for this terribly wicked role.
When I think of Peony, I think of someone fun, immature, and annoying, so I tried to imagine actresses that would be able to act just like her. Then Vanessa Hudgins popped into mind and she just felt right. I've seen her play roles that would fit Peony, such as her character in the High School Musical movies, Gabriella Montez.
Pearl was a very easy choice! Amanda Seifred is obviously the way to go! She captures Pearl's pride and beauty, much like her mother. I can definitely see her trying her hardest to win Prince Kai's heart to no avail.

I am very pleased with this cast list! Imagining actors playing the characters in your favorite books is such am interesting  and fun thing to do! Let me know if you have any dream cast requests!


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