Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dream Cast for UNBREATHABLE!

I love dream casting! It gives you a visual on characters you love and gives you a peek at other's viewpoint of the characters in the books! So I have decided to make a dream cast for UNBREATHABLE! 
First and foremost, I think that Jennifer Lawrence would be an absolutely ECXELLENT Lissa! Though she'd probably be ecxellent with any character! When I think of Lissa, this is the beautiful face that comes to mind! She would certainly capture Lissa perfectly, should UNBREATHABLE become a movie.
It took a great deal of debating with myself to come to the conclusion that Alex Pettyfer would be the right actor for Julian. He would definitely be able to pull off the strong, loving, dedicated character in the book.
Though Jake Abel isn't visually who I think of to play the role of Rowan, his personality in the roles I've seen him in and even his true personality fit perfectly with Rowan's. (Plus I might be a tad bit bias for him because he's already part of 3 of my major fandoms and I've met him in person). He can't just be Luke Castellan, Mark James, and Ian O'Shea and stop there! This dude has Rowan written all over him!
The idea of Tom Hiddleston being Slate was actually planted in my mind by the magificent author of UNBREATHABLE, Hafsah Laziaf. But when she told me, it totally made sense! I kind of went over scenes with Slate in my mind, picturing Tom in them, and it just fit right. Also, like Jennifer Lawrence, he could probably rock any role given to him. Loki will always be the perfect villain!
For some reason, from the start, I've always thought of the Jute Queen as Emily Blunt! Beautiful yet fierce! So... yeah!

I hope some of you enjoyed this Dream Cast and maybe even had the same thoughts! There will definitely be more dream casting in the future from me!

Don't forget to check out UNBREATHABLE by Hafsah Laziaf! It hits the shelves on October 29th! 
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