Monday, December 9, 2013

Dream Cast for FIND ME by Romily Bernard!

FIND ME is Romily Bernard's debut novel that just came out this past October. It quickly became my favorite debut novel OF THE YEAR, easily making it into my top ten favorite books EVER! (Look at the review I wrote for it for more details and a synopsis). Because of all this, I have decided to create a dream cast for this extraordinary book! Enjoy!

Grace Morretz is a beautiful yet fierce actress who would definitely be able to play Wick! She is amazing in every role I've seen her in and she does not disappoint! I keep playing scenes over and over again in my head and she's just PERFECT for her!
Choosing an actor for Griff was a little bit more difficult. He had to be handsom, charismatic, but also cunning and brave. Lucas Till seems to play this role in every movie I see him, so it's just meant to be! Obviously he doesn't have dark hair like Griff, but that's what hair dye and makeup is for! ;)
Willow Shields IMMEDIATELY came to mind when I thought of Lily! Didn't even have to think twice! She obviously has talent for playing a strong younger sister (i.e. Primrose Everdeen in The Hunger Games) and her style and personality match Lily's personality in the book.
Hugh Jackman is the kind of actor that could play ANYBODY, really. I would love to see him as Carson! NUFF SAID.
For someone to be Todd, they'd have to be handsom, kind, understanding, charismatic, and just Todd-like. Bradley Cooper would totally nail this role! Mostly because he's a lot like him in real life. He's the kind of guy that makes you just want to give him a hug he's so awesome (don't judge). So this is Todd!
For some odd reason, since the beginning of FIND ME when Bren was mentioned, I've always mentally pictured her with a British accent. So Emily Blunt's been bouncing around in my head ever since! She would be a great Bren! She could be this moody foster parent married to the sweetest guy ever. Totally.

Woody Harrelson is one of the greatest actors EVER in my opinion. It wouldn't even be hard for him to be Joe. He has already been in many other movies in which he has had to be characters similar to Joe. Therefore, Woody is Joe, Joe is Woody. POOF! One in the same!
And last but certainly not least is Tally! She also took a while to think about. But when Elle Fanning popped into my head, IT ALL MADE SENSE! Elle Fanning never ceased to amaze me with her INCREDIBLE acting skills! If you just compare her strong, superior role in Super 8 and her gentle, innocent role in We Bought a Zoo, you're mind will be blown. Like, BLOWN. Aside from her amazing acting, she fits right in my head, so it is right! 

That concludes my dream cast for FIND ME! Hope you've enjoyed reading about my dreams and opinions once again! 
Don't forget to look for FIND ME wherever books are sold! It is BEYOND WORDS AWESOME! 
Also, you can follow the author on Twitter @RomilyBernard! 

That's all for now! 
Merry Christmas book rebels!



  1. I have to say, you did a pretty freakin awesome job casting! Love all of them!

    1. Thanks, it took me a while to decide. I was torn between a few of these!

    2. Are they making a movie? I think I might be more excited about that than Divergent! That story is right up my alley!