Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The True Meaning of Christmas!

First of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone out there who reads this post! I hope you all have a fantastic holiday and make joyous memories with friends and family!

Christmas for most people is about Santa Claus and presents and gifts and decorating and food. Don't get me wrong, all of that really makes the celebration of Christmas even more fun and exciting! But it's come to the point where people are forgetting or ignoring why we really celebrate Christmas.
This guy is great to have around for Christmas, but he often steals the spotlight from the person who Christmas is celebrating. 
A very long time ago, around this time, God sent his only son to the world. That's Jesus. Christmas is about Jesus and his birth and how momentous it was for a savior to come for us! It was the very first Christmas!

 If Jesus hadn't been born, we'd all still be pretty blind and making sacrifices for all our sin. But he did come for us, because he loves each and every one of us very much! So much that he have his own life so that we would be free from our burdens and the bondage of sin.

Think about it for a second. God, the one and only almighty King who created the entire world, knows you, yes you, by name and he wants to have a relationship with you. He cared enough for you to sacrifice his son for you, so that you can live free! 
I'm not saying that Santa is evil and nobody should get presents on Christmas or any of that nonsense. NOT AT ALL! I encourage giving and receiving and spreading the Christmas spirit in all your different ways!

Just don't forget who Christmas is about! 

Why am I taking the time to write this when I know most of you won't read it? 

There's a story about a man. He was at the beach one day when he saw that millions of starfish had been washed up to shore. He walked over to the shore and started throwing the starfish back to sea. 
After a while, someone saw him and came to him.
"Why are you doing that? There are millions out there, it won't make a difference."
The man looks at him. "It'll make a difference to this one," he says as he tosses a starfish. "And it'll matter to this one too." He tosses another. 

I'm saying all this not because I want to recruit you into some religion. 
I just want to spread and share the love of Jesus Christ and tell those who need to know! It may not matter to you in particular, but it could matter to someone out there, and that would be worth it.

That said, I hope you all have an amazing holiday! Take a break and relax today :) 
Love y'all!

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