Saturday, December 14, 2013

Seasons in the Sun by Kristen Strassel Book Review!

Rating: 5/5 stars

Summer has finally arrived, along with a boy who will forever change the life of fourteen-year-old Callie. After growing up hearing stories about Tristan Trevosier and his famous family, Callie finally meets him when he spends the summer on Martha's Vineyard. Seventeen-year-old Tristan is a hurricane of destruction and rebellion, and he quickly blows a hole right into Callie's sheltered life. Callie sees a side of Tristan that he doesn't show anyone else. She's determined to make everyone see what she sees in him.

Callie defies her parents by leaving the island with Tristan. But when his ugly habits rear their head, Callie realizes maybe she's the one who's wrong about him. He's beyond her help. But it's too late for her to walk away. This summer, she learns that love can be stronger than reason.

Seasons in the Sun is a spectacular prequel novella! To be completely honest, I had no idea that it was leading up to a series or anything. My good friends told Kristen about me, so she sent me an ARC. I immediately fell in love with the story, because it wasn't boring!
I had no idea what the book was about. I just started it and read until I was finished! Kristen did an exceptional job developing her characters! Every individual was clearly portrayed as their own person, and I was very pleased with that! The plot was nice and short (because it's a novella) and I liked it like that. It was like a literary snack, if that even makes sense! 
Callie is actually someone I can somewhat relate to! I'm also homeschooled and, at times, I feel bound by parental regulations, so therefore I rebel. Callie wasn't deliberately trying to rebel, she was just trying to get to know this guy because he was nice, handsome, but also mysterious. Since she never got attention from guys, she was really affected by his interest in her. Such a sweet character, overall.
Keisha was such a mess! She was the typical sexy chick who gets what she wants and says what she wants. Not the best example for Callie, and certainly not the best conscience! She's what I would call a valley girl, for sure!
Tristan was someone I couldn't quite figure out for the longest time. He was respectful and kind, which made me glad he was going for Callie, because that's someone she deserved. No spoilers, but this guy never topped giving me surprises!
Overall I really enjoyed this book while waiting in line to see the new Hobbit film! As I said before, it's a really fast read, but you'll just LOVE IT!
Definitely check it out!
Also, don't forget to look for Because the Nightby Kristen Strassel! It follows Seasons in the Sun!
Stay warm and Merry Christmas!

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